Friday, May 30, 2014

Event Management for a Jump Start in your Career

Anyone who sets about organizing an event faces several challenges which could broadly be categorized under the following categories such as financial, operational and communication. The ‘Event Management & Public Relations’ program at INLEAD was developed in response to these challenges and the aim being providing a structured approach to planning and managing events that reduces the pressure on the event planner and in return delivers a quality event.

Post completion of their course at INLEAD students will be able to:
  • Identify and develop an event that can succeed in the prevailing socio-economic conditions
  • Develop robust plans for before, during and after the event
  • Build a team, whether paid or unpaid, and budget for their event
  • Develop a marketing strategy and plan that will attract both event participants and sponsors
  • Communicate successfully with all stakeholders using public relations knowledge and  techniques
  • Understand the safety, risk and emergency planning requirements for events
  • Manage all aspects of an event operation, such as transport, crowd management, logistics or communications.
At INLEAD, we have top industry stalwarts who conduct expert lectures/ expert workshops for students. The students gain thorough understanding of the nuances and practices of the industry to conceptualize, organize and execute exceptional world class events.

The best way to get into the profession of event management is to enter this field as a trainee with a degree or diploma in Event Management & Public Relations.  While doing your training with an event management company you will get an opportunity to learn how events are organized, exposure in the field of events is extremely important.  Once you learn how to coordinate and promote, you should make your career really big in this field.  A good understanding of various stages of planning in event management will definitely promise you a high position. Once you feel confident about your experience in this field you could start your own venture.

You, as a student of Event Management & Public Relations are the future event planners of the country.

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