Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MASTERCHEF & Hop to the TOP leads the way at INLEAD!

The LEAD Orientation activity- Time Out was conducted for all the programs of April 2014 batch by Priya Mehta & Supriya Massey, a part of LEAD Faculty.

The activity was designed, keeping in mind the blend of students coming from different backgrounds. The biggest challenge for them was to break the ice between each other and be a part of a team and work together to achieve the common goal.

The event kick started with MASTERCHEF’ 2014. A team of 3 main cooks and 1 helper was made and the participants were to produce 1 mock tail, 2 savory items and a dessert as a part of the menu. They were asked to come up with an innovative menu and dishes as this was one of the parameters. The participants were given 1.5 hours to prepare the dishes and 30 minutes post that to present the same to the judges for tasting. The participants were innovative and prepared some delectable, mouthwatering dishes and not to miss the delicious mocktails.

Along with MASTERCHEF, other students enthusiastically participated in Hop to the Top – a series of games and activities which was fun filled and energetic. The games were all timed and required the participants to complete the given task and win prizes.

The students showed great excitement and volunteered from time to time.  The activity gave insight in to team building, creativity, leadership skills etc. The student coordinators and organizers worked tirelessly along with the faculty to make the event a success.

The display of the various skill sets and the Great Spirit shown by the students made the event a success. Towards the end of the event, the award ceremony took place wherein by Mr. Deepak Sharma, President, INLEAD and Ms. Khushboo Singh, Vice President, INLEAD distributed the prizes. Most importantly, the event ended with the crowing of Mr. and Miss Fresher and the dance floor was thrown open for the students.

List of Winners:

      1.   Miss Fresher: Garima Bansal (MBA in Event Management & PR April’14)2.   Mr. Fresher: Abhishek Rana (International Hotel Management April’14)


3   .      MASTERCHEF’ 2014:

a)      Winner – 3D:
 Garima Bansal (Event Management & PR)

b)      Best Dessert – Toothsome Fooders:

Ankush Garg (Event Management & PR)
Monish Gupta (Event Management & PR)
 Anya Gupta (Event Management & PR)

c)      Best Mocktail – Kitchen Caboodle:

 Priyadarhini Dasari (International Business Management)
Kadiya Bhavikaben K (International Business Management)

 .      Hop to the Top: Winners

a)      Key to Success: Sumit Ranjan (January’14)
b)      Mixed Doubles: Sarath Mandala (January’14)
c)      Popcorn Garland – Karishma Kumari (April’14)

d)      Balloon Electricity – Abhilasha Sharma & Dhruv Sharma (April’14)

e)   Tilt the Cup – Prashant Lakher (April’14)
f)     Hang in There – Avinash Kumar (January’14
g)    Out of the Box – Nakul  Nagesh (April’14)h)    Tic Tac Toe – Vipin Chauhan (April’14)

i)      Lemon and Spoon Race – Shourya Bali (April’14)
j)      Done Deal – Aditya Mani & Sarath Mandala (January’14)
k)    Flick the coin – Ayush Goel (April’14)
l)      Dizzy Mummy – Rashmi & Devyani (April’14)

m)   Jump the Ball – Dhruv Sharma (April’14)
n)      HooplAround – Saurabh Kothari (April’14)

                    CONGRATULATIONS INLEADers J

INLEADers Speak:

Sarthak Aggarwal, student of the April’14: “It was really fresh and rocking. I learnt about team work and Out of the Box Thinking”.

Ankush Garg, a student of the April’14: “The activity was very energetic. Rising Stars is a great platform to welcome students. It was a fun filled day which was spent well with friends”.

This activity marked the welcoming of the April Batch students. Thanks you INLEADers for making this a big success.

Lead with INLEAD!

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