Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Band, Baaja, Baraat and Bride!

Yes! We are going to be talking all about ‘Wedding Planning’ and what it takes to become a wedding planner.

Planning somebody else's wedding is like directing a film. WEDDINGS in India are an event of a lifetime for every home.
A career as a wedding planner is all about time & commitment. Working at odd hours is something you should be prepared for at least in the beginning, you will need to put in extra hours to gain a good reputation and get yourself recognized in the industry.

As a wedding planner, you will spend most of the time with your clients; this will demand time, honesty and integrity. Some vendors will want to pay you a commission for promoting their services above others. In these situations, remember that you are working for your client, so you must ensure that the vendor you are recommending lines up with your client’s needs and expectations keeping their budget in mind.

In case you feel that, something which wasn’t expected has taken place, do not inform the bride or the family, there is a reason behind them hiring you, in that case you cannot redirect your problems to them.

Sensitivity plays an important role when being a wedding planner. You have to be sensitive for the minutest of issues, family needs etc. You should understand that a mix of emotions (tears, laughter, and anxiety) is prevailing among each family member at that time.

As a wedding planner will have to draw on your clients' ideas, tastes, and preferences and turn them into reality. Give your clients inspiration by sharing creative ideas for decorations, venues, themes. Be sure you have discussed every detail of the wedding with your client, and pay attention to his or her demands.

Main key points to keep in mind while planning someone else’s wedding are the following:

  •          Choosing a venue
  •          Deciding on the wedding cake
  •          Purchasing that wedding dress
  •         Venue arrangements
  •          Making a guest list
  •          Designing of invitations
  •         Selecting a date, time & venues
  •          Deciding on the budget
  •          Choosing a caterer
  •          Hiring a photographer

If the romance of wedding excites you and you are passionate about turning someone’s dream into reality, then a career in wedding planning could do wonders to your career.

At INLEAD, you can enroll yourself for a course in ‘Event Management’ wherein under 'Special Event Management, you will study 'Wedding Management' which is part of the syllabus.

All the best!

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