Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dressing for Success? Here are tips and tricks you can refer to…

Remember one thing, in any interview you appear for, you are marketing yourself as a product and for that having the best image possible is highly recommended.

Interviews are a beauty parade? They’re not.  However, your clothes, hair, shoes etc. will be viewed as indicators of your status, self-confidence and self-worth.
Refer to the tips mentioned blow; they might help you while you sit for interviews.

1)      Ask what to wear: When approached by the training and placement division of INLEAD, students should be open enough to ask them what they would be expected to wear for the interview.  It’s ok to ask the attire before you appear for the interview. A conservative suit of a solid color for men and the women is usually recommended. In ad agencies, event management companies, fashion houses, there might not be a dress code in particular, well in that case just ask your mentor to find out what the usual dress code is in that particular organization.

2)      Save Money on Shopping: Instead of buying 7 different blazers for a week. Just buy 2 blazers, one of a lighter shade and the other of a darker shade. Based on what you are wearing you can switch between these two blazers. Instead of shopping from the high end stores, try and look for factory outlets.

3)      Make-up, jewelry and hair style should be subtle. Two inches of heels are just fine for the women, but remember you should be comfortable while walking.

4)      Look professional and polished. While your interview attire depends on what job you're applying for, no matter what the position, you should come in looking neat, tidy and well-dressed.

5)      Clean fingernails, fresh breath, well-polished shoes, deodorant are all essentials.

The first impression is the last impression as we all know and we are definitely sure that you'll want that first impression to be not just a good one, but, a great one. The candidate dressed in a suit and tie is going to make a much better impression than the candidate dressed in scruffy jeans and a t-shirt.
Dress your best for the interview, regardless of the dress code at the organization.

Women's Interview Attire

·         Solid color, conservative suit
·         2 inches heels
·         Limited accessory
·         Neat hairstyle
·         Light make-up & perfume
·         Manicured nails

Men's Interview Attire

·         Solid color, conservative suit
·         White long sleeve shirt
·         Tie
·         Black/ white colored socks and formal shoes
·         A watch/ No studs in the ears
·         Neat hairstyle
·         Neatly trimmed nails

You can always take a photo of your interview outfit and send it to a friend for a second opinion.
Your personal image will strongly influence an employer’s perceptions of your capabilities, your approach to work and how well you will fit in with their organization.

All the Best!

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