Friday, October 12, 2012

Event Management: Lead Activity - Storyboard Competition

INLEAD conducted a LEAD activity Storyboard Competition“ for EMPR October 2012 batch students on 12th October. The purpose of the activity was to help them understand the key concepts of LEAD module through an interesting Story telling Competition. Students were given a handful of resources for the activity like set of charts, old magazines & Newspapers, color pens, scissors etc and they had to depict a story related to a particular theme.  The themes that were chosen for the competition were Bollywood, Fashion, Lifestyle and Women Empowerment.  Students were given a time frame of 1 hour where they have to ideate, conceptualize and express the story-line on the charts. The key learning’s from this activity were Resource Management, Team Coordination and using their creative skills at its best.

Congratulations to the following winners:-
·         Farhat Jameel
·         Jonathan Donoghue
·         Harpreet Kaur
·         Rishikesh Kumar Nandan
·         Ritika Verma

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