Thursday, December 6, 2012

International Hotel Management: Industry Expert Session (Mr. Ajay Dhar)

INLEAD conducted an Industry Expert Session for July and October 2012 IHM batches on 4th December 2012. The session was conducted by Mr. Ajay Dhar, Executive Housekeeper at Optus Sarovar Premier. Mr. Dhar has over a half a decade of experience in the Hotel Industry and has done his specialization in the housekeeping division. He has worked with some of the reputed organizations like Radisson Blu, Hayatt Regency, The Bristol and Bestech Hospitalities. He has successfully finished his Hotel Management from National Council of Hotel Management, IHM Jaipur. Mr. Dhar has an eye for detail and has received several accolades for his successfully setting up of housekeeping operations of various newly built properties.

The topic of the session was Scope of Housekeeping in Hospitality Industry and it helped students from both the batches in understanding the impact which the housekeeping department plays in any Hotel. Mr. Dhar briefly explained the departmental setup and the hierarchy that a housekeeping professional goes under. Mr. Dhar made the session pretty interactive which helped students to clear various myths regarding this department and also shared diverse growth opportunities which are present for the young professionals. He also explained Key Responsibility Area’s of a housekeeping professional and shared several interview preparation tips with the students.

Mr. Dhar’s presentation threw light on various processes that a housekeepingprofessional follows and how he needs to have multi tasking skills in order to triumph in this division. He explained the students on how to prepare forecasts and budgets for a business and gave a brief description of the expense control mechanism as well. He explained on how to propose methods to reduce costs and enhance value within a business. Overall Mr. Dhar’s session helped students to gain some valuable insights about the housekeeping department that plays a much greater significance in the Hotel Industry and will likely to have a profound effect on its success and well being.

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