Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Management and Healthcare- the new best friends

For most of us hospitals have always been synonymous with Doctors and nurses as these are the people with whom we mostly interact with while in a Hospital.  But, there is more to a hospital than just them. Every hospital has an army of people managing the daily working of the hospital in order to make sure that each and every patient is treated at the right time and by the right specialist doctor.  They are the ones who foresee that each department works smoothly and the hospital is able to meet its healthcare objective.

In order to make our healthcare administration students acquaint with the basic functioning of a Hospital and its services, INLEAD recently organized a visit to Max Super Specialty Hospital, a 504 bedded super-specialty hospital located in the heart of South Delhi, Saket. The hospital divided into East and West Wings, is one of the premier names in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare in India has grown at an unprecedented pace over the last ten years and has now become one of the largest sectors in India-- both in terms of employment and revenue. India with its well-trained pool of medical professionals is considered as a major player in the healthcare industry all around the world.

The budding Healthcare professionals of INLEAD had an awe inspiring and knowledgeable experience at the Industry visit. Meeting the hospital’s experienced management team gave them an extensive exposure of how to run and manage a large chain of hospital like Max. Accompanied by the Hospital’s HR representative, INLEADers were given a facility tour of the hospital and its various departments.

The visit gave the students great insights into the in-patient and support areas of a Hospital. It also gave them a broad overview of the industry that they are going to enter in the near future.
INLEAD believes in a perfect amalgamation of practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge and such Industry visits are a step towards just that.

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