Friday, April 12, 2013

Basic Life Support & Disaster Management Workshop

As a part of its continuous Healthcare Training Initiative, INLEAD facilitated a workshop on the Basic Life Support (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) & Disaster Management at Pushpanjali Crosslay Hospital, New Delhi. Basic Life Support (BLS) is the level of medical care which is used for victims of life-threatening illnesses or injuries until they can be given full medical care at a hospital. It can be provided by trained medical personnel, including emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and by laypersons who have received BLS training. BLS is generally used in the pre-hospital setting, and can be provided without medical equipment.

The students got an opportunity to practice the steps of BLS on the dummy which gave them hands on exposure.

·         According to Ms Nikita, Jan 2013 Batch: “Training in BLS will help me in future to manage & control the emergency situations well.”
·         According to Ms Aarzoo, Jan 2013 Batch: “Lecture by Dr. Sandeep Jain, Trauma Surgeon at Pushpanjali Hospital taught me how to provide emergency care to the person with problem in Airway, Breathing & Circulation.”

The students felt confident at the end of training module. The workshop also included  an in-depth learning about the disaster management, which is a natural or man-made event, whether internal or external, in which the needs of a patient overextends or overwhelms the resources needed to care for them. Disaster Management module helped them to learn types of Disaster management, Zones of Disasters, Principles of Disaster Triage etc.

According to Dr. Eesha Arora, Healthcare Faculty at INLEAD: “The one day workshop briefed the students with the importance of the Disaster Management, chain of survival & the difference between the Adult BLS, Pediatric BLS & Infant BLS. It was a great learning experience.”

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