Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Personality Development Session by Lieut. Rita Gangwani

INLEAD facilitated an Industry Expert Session on Personality Development (The Finishing Touch) for all the programs of April 2013 batch. The workshop was delivered by Lieut. Rita Gangwani- Freelance Personality Development Mentor where she covered various aspects of Body Language and especially emphasized on eye movements, types of smile & gestures during her interaction with the students.

The session began with first impression where Ms Gangwani accentuated on the importance of body language while interacting with the people around us. She elaborated the acronym “PEOPLE” and explained the elements of body language; P: Posture, E: Expression, O: Orientation, P: Proxemics, L: Looks, E: Emotions. With the help of examples, she also elucidated the VAK (visual, auditory & kinesthetic) learning model.

She also discussed about the conscious and unconscious body movements and how one can control them to convey the right message. The discussion regarding 33 types of smile, 11 styles of laughter, various eye movements, sitting postures and hand gestures brought forth new insight in to identifying the personality traits of an individual. Greeting & introduction techniques like proper handshake and maintaining eye contact would definitely prove beneficial for the students and help them build rapport in the corporate environment.

According to Aditi Mohan, Event Management and Public Relations Batch: “The session was very interactive and the facilitator was very enthusiastic”

According to Tanya, International Hotel Management Batch: “The session was loaded with live examples which gave us insight in to body language and has taught us the importance of those personality traits which we used to consider as trivial”

To conclude, the session was very productive and interactive and Lieut. Rita Gangwani specifically highlighted that “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

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