Friday, September 19, 2014

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi - The New Management Guru

The Modi wave had cast a spell on India, sweeping the nation in awe of the management techniques undertaken by Modi that led to his success. Let us go through few of the management lessons one should learn from NaMo.

BJP, Marketing Skills
Narendra Modi, with his impeccable win in these elections has demonstrated skills that should be embodied in every working professional. His strategic moves have given the other parties a run for their money. Modi had hypnotized the nation with his flawless marketing strategy and created history by coming to power with a landslide victory. He struck the right cord with the right people at the right time, a time when the nation was ailing from the huge financial crisis. His election agendacan prove to be a very good case study for management professionals. It displayed numerous management skills that are worth sharing. Few of them are listed below-

He is neither the marketing guru nor is he well versed with the management modelsyet he has managed to nail the basics of all management theories starting from creating  brand awareness to defining brand purpose to gathering brand response and to building brand advocates.NaMo has taken down the nation with his branding and the connect it had established with the citizens. More than being a BJP win it was being termed as a victory of theNaMo brand. He had an optimistic outlook all through the campaign, though it was perceived as arrogance and over confidence but he didn’t care about what others had to say he moved ahead the way he wanted to. He had a vision and he made sure it turned into a reality.

Marketing Strategy
He understood the consumer insights, their needs, their demands, their grievances, their anger and then formulated his campaign which was the highlight of his marketing strategy. Modi hired the best minds on board to formulate his campaign. Ad gurus Sam Balsara, Prasoon Joshi and Piyush Pandey helmed the mind boggling Modi Campaign. Next in line were of course the slogans ‘Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar’ and ‘Acche Din Aane waale Hai’ that went on to become the chants of the nation. He brought together the perfect team who worked day in and day out to lay the foundation for his success. These coupled with the right mode of communications lead to his great win.

Modi began his campaign at a time when inflation was digging a hole in the common man’s pocket. The ad campaigns and the promotional activities like Chai Pe Charcha and 3D hologram speeches undertaken by Modi helped him connect to a huge segment of the audience. By the time of the elections, Modi had met about 230 million voters which accounted to about 30% of the total voter population. He repackaged himself in the perfect manner at the perfect time and then sold himself to the country which worked like a charm.

While the others were struggling to come up with a name to represent their parties, Modi came out in the open and declared his candidature for the post of the PM of India. He never hesitated in speaking about his role and the measures he would take for the betterment of the nation. He interacted with the citizens of India assuring them a good leader for India. The way he stepped up and undertook the responsibility for his party should be a lesson for all the others who were just waiting to pick him apart. He learnt from the then ruling party’s mistakes and hit the audience with his new approach and fresh ideas when the iron was hot.

Social Media Management
Social Media is the biggest marketing tool these days. It is quick, interactive and has a vast reach, Modi identified the benefits and jumped into the ground with his strongest weapon. He interacted with the younger generations through these social media channels and cashed on the benefits in the forms of votes. Modi had planned out the election in a very systematic manner. He made it a point to reach out to each and every segment of the society especially the youth, the future of the nation.  Modi's social media campaigning was very strong which was revealed in the India Today Survey that stated that the internet had become saffron during the elections. Whether Twitter or Facebook, NaMo was trending on both the platforms. His communication strategy was the highlight of his victory in the General Elections 2014.


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