Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Top 8 Reasons Why You Could be Rejected in a Job Interview

    We list few reasons why you could be rejected in a job interview.    
  1. Your last tweet was in 2012: It’s better to use one network well and be engaged on it by sharing others content and posting your content, rather than have several accounts on several networks and not be active on any.
  2. Only number on your resume is your phone number: from your work to you as a person is measurable nowadays, your resume should include quantifiable metric to show your performance.
  3. Applying for Several Positions in one team: Being eager to join a company is a good sign but applying for all the openings in a particular organization is not a positive sign. Play it cool, but not too cool.
  4. Tailored Cover Letters & Resumes: Often cover letters and resumes get addressed to the wrong people, several times people applying for jobs forget to edit the subject line, this is something which clearly isn’t acceptable by the hiring managers.
  5. Unrealistic Salary Expectations: Avoid quoting unrealistic salary expectations. Do a research and find out the salary range that people of similar jobs like you get paid.
  6. Your resume is not keyword rich: A company usually receives high volumes of resume; hence every resume is scanned thoroughly. Read through the JD (Job Description) carefully & craft resume accordingly ensuring getting pass through in the scanning of the interview.
  7. You didn't follow up: After you have sent in your resume, you need to follow up with the HR Manager. According to a survey conducted 86% of executives said job seekers should contact a hiring manager within two weeks of sending a resume and cover letter. Often a brief phone call or e-mail reasserting your interest in the position and strong qualifications is important.
  8. Don’t believe in the concept of arriving ‘fashionably late’ for an interview: A study was conducted and it says a candidate has to be only 15 minutes late to be disqualified for the position for which he has appeared for in an interview. Avoid being late, respect time and reach well in advance. 
     All the best!

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