Tuesday, March 17, 2015

INLYMPICS 2015: Annual Sports Fete kick-off new energy amongst students!

“If I can turn back time,
I would love to be a student again,
I miss my friends a lot. I miss the fun.  I miss the life of being a student again…”

Reading these few lines must have given goose bumps to many of us. It’s only when we grow up we realize the real fun of being a student, of being a little immature, of being a little silly…

Well, who says Entering a College means an end to the fun part of life? Wrong, wrong…..

INLEAD very well understands that studying and fun go hand in hand because ‘All work and no Play would certainly make Jack a Dull boy’.

AT INLEAD, we organize sports fete each year, named INLYMPICS that not just celebrates fun, but also focus on incorporating the skills of team-building, strategic thinking and unleash sportsmanship amongst students.

INLYMPCS 2015, held on March 13, 2015, brought in some electrifying energy and action across the campus. The activity initiated with the distribution of students into various teams with bands of different colors - Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Golden and Orange. The entire activity was categorized into rounds of three games like Blind Race, Arm Wrestling, Bull's eye, Hoopla, Dog and the bone, and Tug of war to name a few.

Students dressed in their best of track-suits and sneakers made the campus look all more lovely and vibrating. The adrenalin rush was quite visible while they shouted, screamed for their respective teams. A competitive activity though, students exhibited excellent teamwork and sportsmanship in INLYMPICS2015.

Not to miss are our activity organizers Anshika Srivastava, Mohd. Tanveer Alam, Rukmini Nair, Munmum Patowary, Gaurav Singhal, Mukul Bhardwaj and Abdul Majid who worked tirelessly along with the faculty to make the event a success. Another highlight of the event was a promotional counter set-up by the executives from Shopclick.com, an upcoming shopping portal to promote their business. The students got an opportunity to register themselves and leverage the benefits of online shopping through earned promotional vouchers.

And the winners, the Team Orange (Jyothi M, Vimal Raj John, Mudit Rana, Sriram Gaikwad, Navneet Kumar Yadav, Nikhil Mahajan, Dhananjay Kumar, Rajpal) and the Organizers were bestowed with prizes and certificates by Mr. Deepak Sharma, Dean, INLEAD. The event was drawn to culmination with distribution refreshments and drinks by team RedBull.

 And soon fun-filled INLYMPICS 2015 ended, creating plethora of memories for the years to come and wishing for a little more energy, a little more enthusiasm, a little more fun, a little more childishness in the coming years…

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