Thursday, April 30, 2015

What Corporates Want?

INLEAD campus has been abuzz with excitement and nervous energy with a fresh batch of future industry leaders joining the ranks. Their first expert session was undertaken by Mr. Jayant K. Sood, Head – Corporate & Company Secretary, Indorama Synthetics (India) Limited addressing the perennial question – What the employers are looking for in a candidate when appearing for interview. All students at INLEAD from diverse backgrounds and locations are bound by the common aspiration of professional success and they will be facing their first internship interviews in a few months’ time. The session titled “Corporate expectations and Industry Orientation” addressed the same issue and witnessed an enthusiastic participation by the students.

Mr. Sood began the session by asking the students’ one simple question, “What do you want to be in life?” The hands raised were many, while some said a successful ‘Businessman’, others said ‘CEO’ and some said a ‘Global HR’. This is when Mr. Sood pointed out the need to have a clear goal in life in order to become a successful professional.  Along with having a clear goal, there is also a need to have a passion and zeal to work towards that particular goal.

‘Self-Belief’ was the keyword most used during the session. Mr. Sood enlightened the students that a strong belief in oneself is the mantra to survive this concrete ‘corporate jungle’.  According to him, one should never under estimate oneself and always work towards acquiring the numero uno spot. He also encouraged the students to expand their horizons and look beyond the obvious as there is a huge world out there beyond our senses.

Addressing the basic question that was circling every student’s mind, Mr. Sood shared some useful insights from his own experience. According to him, the secret to excel in an interview is to be well-informed about the company and the job-profile you’re applying for. Further, a well-groomed personality with excellent communication skills will help an individual excel over his contemporaries.

All in all, the session was very successful and informative and gave the students a brief preview of what the corporate world holds for them in the future.

“It was a very informative and deliberative session. I have a much clearer vision about my goal now,” said Ankit Kumar Shaw, International Business Management, Batch : April’15 MBA  (1st Year).

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