Monday, April 25, 2016

Corporate Orientation Workshop by Mr. Tushar Abrol, Vivanta by Taj

As a part of the Orientation Week for the new batch of April ’16 last week, INLEAD organized an Industry Expert Session with Mr. Tushar Abrol, Manager – Learning & Development, Vivanta by Taj.
The session began with a brief introduction of the speaker, sharing his work and the profile that currently he is handling. The main agenda of the discussion was - “Attributes for becoming a right fit in a corporate”.

During the session, the speaker highlighted the challenges that the Corporates face today in terms of hiring the right set of talent. He further drilled down to some of the key attributes that the Corporates seek in candidate, to identify the right fit for their organizations. These key attributes are:
• Functional Knowledge and Professional Experience

• Pleasing personality – Verbal & Non-verbal Communication, Etiquette
• General knowledge and awareness
• Clarity of thought, articulation
• Confidence
• Creativity
• Self-control & ability to handle stress
• Analytical Skills
• Teamwork
• Openness to feedback

According to Neha Gupta, Event Management and PR,  April 2016: “I found the session quite enlightening as it gave us an understanding of how we should aim atnot only polishing our skills, but also our personality. He also shared many insights on people handling and the Do’s and Don’ts of the Industry.” “The talk was very informative. We were allowed to interact freely with the speaker and share our views, apart from listening to his expertise in the Corporate. Such lectures are beneficial to the fresher and the experienced students to keep them motivated and updated about the developments in the Corporate scenario, “ added Dr. Reshma M. Gopan, Healthcare Administration, April  2016.

The session ended with a QA session during which Mr. Abrol answered various questions asked by the students related to his experience in the corporate world. Mr. Abrol concluded by saying, “I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the students. These were some very inquisitive minds and a very interactive set of students.” 

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