Monday, April 11, 2016

INLEADers @NSE, New Delhi

Known as a reliable barometer to measure the economic condition of a country, the National Stock Exchange is one of the most important financial organizations in India. In order to make the International Business Management students of INLEAD have a deeper understanding about this important financial organization, INLEAD recently organized an Industry visit to the National Stock Exchange in New Delhi.

The visit began at around 11 am sharp when the students were assembled in a training room at the NSE premises. They were taken through the history of stock exchanges in India followed by the inception of NSE and its eventual success. They were thereafter put through a mock trading session where they made some buy and sell decisions for fictitious stocks. They were even introduced to many financial instruments which are traded on bourses.

Within a span of three hours, INLEADers understood the roles played by many players in the financial market like Fund managers, Market makers, Asset Management Companies and had a closer look into the functioning of a stock market, the important role that it plays in an economy and the way it behaves due to cyclical changes in the financial market.

While students study about the Securities and Capital market in classroom, a live demo of stock market functioning and an understanding of its inception was very vital, as a part of practical insight. The NSE visit aimed to achieve just that.  In the end, the students learned a lot about the working of the NSE and had various positive things to share about the visit.

Ashish Gupta, INBM Jan’16 PGDM: “The industry orientation was very informative. I have always followed the ups & downs in the stock market. To know more at NSE was enlightening for me.”

Anjali Prabhakar, INBM Jan’16 MBA: “I never had any inclination towards finance. Now my outlook towards this sector is changing. I was completely taken up by the huge amount of knowledge that I gained at NSE.”

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