Wednesday, September 7, 2016

2016 Paralympics: Spirit in Motion

The Paralympic Games, a major international multi-sport event, governed by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), involves athletes with a range of disabilities, including impaired muscle power (e.g. paraplegia and quadriplegiamuscular dystrophypost-polio syndromespina bifida), impaired passive range of movement, limb deficiency (e.g. amputation or dysmelia), leg length difference, short staturehypertoniaataxiaathetosisvision impairment and intellectual impairment. The Winter and Summer Paralympic Games, start in 1988 as Summer Games in Seoul, South Korea, are held almost immediately following the respective Olympic Games every four years.

This gaming event that started as a small gathering of British World War II veterans has grown to become one of the largest international sporting events by the early 21st century. Paralympians strive for equal treatment with non-disabled Olympic athletes, but there is a large funding gap between Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Today, the Seventh day of September 2016, marks the commencement of the 15th Summer Paralympic Games, to be held at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which will conclude on 18th September 2016. These games will host over four thousand athletes from 160 countries for over 528 events during the course of 11 days and will yield 225 medals for women, 265 for men and 38 mixed medals. Some of the games are:

After cheering for the 2016 Olympics, it’s time to cheer for the Paralympics! We can catch all the action on Doordarshan!

- Mr. Sumit Chakravarty, Faculty, INLEAD 

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