Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What is Success?

For most of us, the way we are conditioned, we believe success to be financial and social. We think, money will buy us happiness but when we become rich we realize that money can’t bring in happiness. Money can bring comfort and safety but not joy and bliss.

So, that means we are getting more comfortable day by day but are not finding happiness. What is it that can bring us happiness?

1. Contribution-Giving Back

Someone beautifully said, that life is given to us to give it away. We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness. The more you give, the more you receive- this is the Law of Karma.

But, you have to give without expectations for a return. You have to give unconditionally. Giving doesn’t mean only giving things and foodbut also giving your knowledge, attention and presence.

2. Sharing

Sharing is natural. If you are in tune with life, you will automatically share. The more you share, the more happy and blissful you will become. Joy when shared multiplies. If all of us start sharing, there will be no lack of anything and most of all there will be no lack of love.

3. Self-Actualization

Tich Nhat han once said, that there are more possibilities in the present moment than you can imagine. We all have tremendous potential-immense possibilities. We can flower in a thousand different ways. We should seize opportunities to actualize our potential and that will give us happiness, joy and satisfaction.

4. Positive Attitude

You should understand that it’s not what happens to you but your thoughts about it which make all the difference. You should realize that the glass is always half full. Looking at the positive side of things makes your life fuller and happier

5. Follow Your Heart

Always listen to your heart. The heart is the lamp for the soul. Focus and follow your feeling. As you mature, you will realize that emotions are critical and the most important.

Dream, because only those who dream realize their dreams.

Siddharth Anand
Faculty, INLEAD

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