Friday, March 17, 2017

The Role of Discipline in Personal & Private Victories

“Life is a series of problems. Discipline is the basic set of tools to solve life’s problems. With some discipline you can solve some problems and with absolute discipline you can solve all problems.”These lines from the book “The Road Less Travelled” by M.Scott Peck are more relevant today than ever.

In a world which is pacing fast towards nothingness, most people are living lives without any purpose. The need of the hour is to find ones center, have a goal and a vision and stick by ones commitments and promises.

Everyone respects a Man of his word. Honesty is still greatly valued. Authenticity is critical in creating lasting relationships.

Discipline involves Commitment, Rituals and Time Management.

1. Commitment

If you keep promises, you are bound to garner respect for yourself. People will start by trusting you with small things and soon they will start trusting you with bigger things. To keep ones word is a mark of a true gentleman or lady.

When you honor your word you are creating a Trustworthy Brand for yourself. People will approach you more and your reputation will soar sky high.

2. Rituals

Rituals are the basis of a disciplined and goal oriented life. Right from your morning exercise, yoga and meditation to having your lunch on time and networking 1 hour daily, if you have a well-defined daily routine, you will not waste time and will be able to make the most of each day.

3. Time Management

Time is Money. Time is everything. You have to realize that you have limited time on your hands and that is why you should concentrate on tasks which are Urgent and Important. The way you spend your time today will determine your destiny tomorrow.

Divide you day into 3 parts. Take breathers and Breaks. Make the most of the now. Prioritize.  Schedule. Keep Timelines. Be Punctual, in fact be before time. This will help you live a more fuller, more successful and a richer life.

With Commitment, Rituals and Time Management, you will be able to excel at your workplace and live a richer and more meaningful life.

Siddharth Anand
Faculty, INLEAD

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