Monday, May 29, 2017

Battle of the Brains May'17

In order to make learning fun and give students a momentary break from their hectic schedules, every quarter INLEAD organises an inter-program Corporate Quiz Competition called Battle of the Brains.

The intra-college Quiz competition was recently held for students from across all departments, EMPR, INBM, INHM and HEAD and saw an enthusiastic participation from all the teams. Though all the teams battle out for the top position, but the winner is actually every participant that has put in their best efforts while competing with each other.

At INLEAD, we always encourage students to read more newspapers and keep themselves well-versed with the happenings in their respective industries and about the economy in general. The quiz competition is an effort in the same direction and acts as a wakeup call for each student to read more and to make themselves more aware.

The competition begins with a written prelim round, which is usually conducted about 3 days before the final event. Two top scorers from each program are selected to represent their program in the Quiz finals. The Prelims comprises a written quiz sheet which includes questions on abbreviations, taglines, etc. to sift out the top scorers and to create teams from amongst them.

This quarter, the finalists were the following:

Team 1: Afreen and Ruchika from EMPR, PCEM;
Team 2: Navneet and Rahul from INBM;
Team 3: Rishabh and Nishant (he backed out last moment); &
Team 4: Isha and Praveen

The Runners up was a very surprising Team 3 - Rishabh, who single handedly steered his team towards the finishing line. All alone, as his partner fell ill, he held the mantle very bravely.

The winners were Navneet and Rahul (Team 2) from INBM; who had luck in their favour, as all their guesses worked perfectly for them.

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