Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Did Bieber live up to Belieber’s expectation?

After weeks of rigorous preparation from the organisers in Mumbai, the DY Patil Stadium finally played host to over 45,000 people who had come from all across the country to be a part of this memorable show. Bieber’s concert was a part of his Purpose World Tour. It was pitched as possibly the biggest live performance ever by an international artiste in India. Pop sensation; Justin Beiber ruled the hearts of his audience during his Purpose tour to India. The 23 year old singer performed at DY Patil Stadium, Mumbai. Beliebers from all over the country ensembled on the grounds of DY Patil Stadium to witness their favourite singer's live performance.

So did Justin Bieber's concert at the DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai on 10 May 2017, live up to the hype?

Let's talk a few best moments from his enthralling performance first.

·         Bieber greeted the crowd saying, "What a beautiful night for me as I am here in this beautiful country for the first time and you people are fav (favourite)"
·         Beiber's performance started with the acoustic versions of his recent hits, 'Col Water' and 'Lover Yourself'.
As beiber thought the beginning of 'Cold Water' sounded dull, he tuned his guitar again with an apology to the audience, explaining, his guitar was affected by the humidity. He started the song over.
·         Beiber managed to keep up the gig as high as possible. he reached out to his audience and one lucky female also got the chance to hold his scarf.
·         Beiber's crew managed to unfurl the Indian flag on stage without having an FIR filed against them. Of course, it's too soon to say this, as there's no telling when someone will get their heads to 'rectify' this oversight.
·         The 23-year old popstar surprised his fans by singing his massively popular single BABY. It made the audience go nostalgic when he took them back to his 12-year old self.
·         The singer welcomed the 100 underprivileged kids he gave free tickets to on to the stage. He hugged them and did some chat.
·         “No matter who you are, how old you are, you have a purpose. I just really love you guys,” Bieber tells his fans, winding down the show. The star walked off the stage, returned only at fans' insistence that he sing his hit 'Sorry'.
·         The popstar has promised to return to entertain Beliebers in India, yet again.

While the concert was fascinating there were also some Ugly moments of the Concert.

Let's talk about it, shall we?

·         The stage area at the DY Patil Stadium was packed with the frenzy beliebers, who had been waiting for their Beiber since pm that afternoon. Pop star was supposed to be on stage at 8 pm.
·         the melee reminded of nothing more than the crowded local trains of Mumbai. But at least the train offers the shelter from the sun; at the venue there was no respite from the scorching May heat of Mumbai.
·         The pop sensation lip-synced his way through most of his performance, that is, about 8 tracks out of 12, and didn;t ven show off his dance moved.
·         The bad organisation. Beliebers and non-beliebers looking for refreshments had to trek outside the stadium, queue at the stalls, and shell out a minimum of Rs. 100 for a liter-bottle of water, which was layer hiked to Rs. 200, then you had to finish it off in one go as you were not allowed to take the bottles inside the stadium, unlike the Coldplay concert in Mumbai which gave away water bottles for free of cost.
·         Really dirty bathrooms and no trash bins. This led to the floor littered with bottles.

·         The long trek home after the tiring concert night. Overpriced cabs, blocked roads were the fate of the crowd. The Uber booths promised by the organisers didn't function well. As for the cellphones, the network jammers ensured nobody could use them to call/book other cabs.

Sameer Choudhary and Diksha Sharma
Students, INLEAD

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