Monday, March 18, 2013

Management Student: LEAD Activity – INLYMPICS 2013

The event took place within the premises of INLEAD. It was a great platform to have the students interact with each other and relax after an entire day of classes. It was fun filled day and the students showed great solidarity towards their class mates. They ensured their presence after classes to enhance the spirits of their friends who were participating in the games. All throughout the event, the students were full of energy and zeal and enjoyed the day.

The game of chess had the students thinking and strategizing their moves whereas the races on XBOX had the students focusing to win maximum laps in a limited time period. Carom generated enthusiasm not only from the participants, but also from the audience. Darts had more and more students trying to ensure they aim was perfect.Since most of the activities were team based, it generated a spirit of working together to achieve a common goal – Winning. The students displayed fantastic camaraderie and sportsmanship towards their friends with whom they were competing in the event. The event was brought to a close with the Prize Distribution Ceremony graced by Mr. R C Gupta who distributed the certificates and prizes to the winners. 

        Carom Championship (Team Game):
o    Renish Mathew (IHM  January’ 13) & Vaibhav Gupta (IHM  January’ 13)

         Chess (Singles):
o    Ashwin Patrick (IHM  January’ 13)

         XBOX-ers Zone (Team Game):
o    Suman Paul (HCA January’13), Harish Venugopal (IHM  January’ 13)  & Navneet Meena (HCA January’13)

        Dart Championship (Team Game):
o    Suman Paul (HCA January’13), Navneet Meena (HCA January’13),  & Akash Gupta (EM January’13)

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