Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Quality in Healthcare (Mr. Mehernosh B. Dittia, Vice President Talent Development (HR) at Max Healthcare)

INLEAD facilitated an Industry Expert Workshop for HealthcareAdministration - MBA (L) Apr '13 , MBA (L) Jul '13 and MBA (1st Year) July '13 Batches. The workshop was covered by Mr. Mehernosh B. Dittia, Vice President Talent Development (HR) at Max Healthcare. The topic for the session was Quality in Healthcare.

The speaker elaborated on the importance of quality in healthcare. He explained that Quality measurement is a relatively new science and requires a large amount of resources to develop and collect the information. Fully developed and tested measures are only available for reporting on some of the most common conditions or processes of care. Over the past few years, an increased interest in this science has occurred which may increase the rate of quality measurement development and reporting over time. But there is some quality information you can use right now to help you compare your health care choices. He discussed how many public and private groups are working to improve and expand health care quality measures. The goal is to make these measures more reliable, uniform, and helpful to consumers in making health care choices. The students thoroughly enjoyed the talk. They were participative and were curious to know more about the subject. 

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