Wednesday, October 1, 2014


INLEAD once again buzzed with some fantastic and cheerful moments at its annual function; INLEAD’S GOT TALENT which was held on 26th September, 2014 at Epicenter, Gurgaon

The theme of IGT 2014 was NAVRASA, a dance musical illustration celebrating the nine shades of life. 

The preparations began almost a month and a half in advance, the level of enjoyment increased tremendously in the campus. Student pursuing  Event Management & Public Relations were responsible for the overall operations and in the production of the event, in return they gained great exposure in terms of stage set up, backstage operations, artist management so on and so forth.

INLEAD’S GOT TALENT is one such platform wherein students showcase their talent with great zeal. Each performance reflected different rasas as the theme suggested, giving life different hues and depicting various colours of life through acts. 

From shringara to hasya to bhibatsya to rowdra to shaanta to veera to bhaya and karuna to adbhuta all the 9 rasas were well enacted for the equally enthusiastic audience. AT IGT 2014 Students tried to bring a flavor of each of these nine rasas, explaining what each one means and presented it to you through some Indian art form.

The winners were then awarded with prizes by the esteemed jury. It was an extremely tough decision to choose who the winner was. The winners were elated. 

The students were then presented with the titles by the esteemed jury:

1) MR. INLEAD: Faraz Khan (International Hotel Management)
2) Ms. INLEAD: Rangoli Raheja (Event Management & Public Relations)
3) Mr. Popular: Rahul Malik (Event Management & Public Relations)
4) Ms. Popular:  Sanjana Mittal (Event Management & Public Relations)
5) Mr. Personality: Tarun Lochab (Event Management & Public Relations)
6) Miss Personality: Prerna Lama (International Hotel Management)
7)  Mr. Confident: Abhishek Rana (International Hotel Management)
8) Ms. ConfidentAkanksha Chauhan (Event Management & Public Relations)
9) Best Smile – Female: Prachi Sakhlani (Event Management & Public Relations)
10) Best Smile: Mudit Rana (Event Management & Public Relations)

Great show INLEADers!

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