Monday, December 21, 2015

The saga of Indian policy paralysis

Is politics hampering reform process in India?

It looks like current winter parliament session will also be wiped out due to latest controversies related to congress high commands misconduct. The question is, are our parliamentarians across party lines serious about their basic job of passing legislature, making laws and running parliament for benefit of people of this country. Instead, they use floor of parliament to play their dirty politics. GST, land reforms and numerous other important bills are stuck in the parliament for a prolonged period now. And, the credit goes to two of our major political parties. With BJP in power, Congress has been opposing it and when Congress was in power in Delhi, BJP opposed it.

The great game of politics goes on. Differences are bound to occur on issues but they can be resolved in a logical manner.  Our politicians have converted the well of Parliament into an arena of wrestling and what is astonishing is that they are getting paid for that. A question at this point: can common people of this country even think of getting salaries without work? Crores of Rupees from taxpayers pocket is getting wasted for every unproductive day in parliament. Is Politics is getting bigger than our country’s national Interests, is a question we all need to sit and ponder about.

A peep into China

Take a look at our neighbouring country,, China, which had a GDP like India’s up to 1980s. Despite their communist political system, they have made their progress due to their political leaderships’ decision making ability at appropriate times. As of today, China has a huge first mover advantage over India in the global economy, and India as a nation is many years of progress behind as compared to China. The kind of infrastructure they have built, the kind of trade surplus they have, can India even think of reaching any way close to that level? That too with this kind of politics that’s up for display in our country?

Solution to the policy paralysis

It is, I believe, up to our great Indian leaders to cook up a solution. The need of the hour is to restructure our old parliamentary system. If politicians want to protest they can very well do it on other platforms, online, Jantar Mantar, but definitely not inside parliament.  With due respect to our parliamentarians it is the taxpayers money which is at stake and more than that countries future is at stake! Can India as a nation afford to lose a Golden chance to become an economic powerhouse only due to selfish politics that we have in our country? I leave that to our nation and its great citizens to mull over.

-Shreyas Tamboli
 Student, INBM, 
 INLEAD, October 2015

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