Monday, December 12, 2016

La Liga Special Event Participation

La Liga the eponymous Spanish Football League, has set its base in India in New Delhi. They hosted their first Live Screening of Real Madrid vs Barcelona clubs in JLN Stadium. The event was marked by presence of huge screens, fan engagements, food and beverage stalls on the evening of 3rd December, 2016. The event was managed by DNA Networks, and our students were invited to be volunteers at their various stalls.

Students got an amazing experience of crowd management, brand activation & artist management. They even got to work at the ticketing counter, which quite a challenging work," said Ms. Sakshi Vig, Faculty, INLEAD. 

At the venue there was a huge set- up of stage, activity area, VVIP zone, ticketing centre, food stalls and many more. DNA team people picked randomly from amongst the students & assigned them different duties around 12:00 PM. Some were sent to manage the electricity set up, some for masking and some to manage the food court, the VVIP zone and Logistics. Students while volunteering got to learn some new technical terminologies like Masking, Mojo ,Knop etc Those incharge of food court were busy setting up food stalls, others got to do ticketing at the cash counter and some were working on the stage.

One of the students was made in charge of the store room in the stadium and was asked to work on the logistics of thousands of glasses and other stuff, from store to venue. A  team of 20 volunteers was assigned to him for this extremely critical task. It was around 6:30 PM when Viewers started to enter the stadium and that’s when majority of INLEADers got to work, maximum on the cash counter and the coupon counter where it was rather challenging to handle thousands of people. 

The event ended around 10:30 PM and post which there was tallying done, cash was counted, venue cleaned and a very long day came to a closure. La Liga brought the big screen viewing of an El Classico match to India in a big way, and INLEADERs got the opportunity to be a part of it.

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