Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Holistic Life Skills by Mr. Mehernosh Bazyn Dittia

A recently organised workshop on Holistic Life Skills by Mr. Mehernosh Bazyn Dittia, Founder & Director, Lighthouse Training, proved to be quite enlightening for the students. They were encouraged to introspect and mull about the bygones and understand the importance of non materialistic things. Students went through a cathartic experience and were able to appreciate life as it was and what it would be without the shades of grey. 

The session was highly appreciated by students who often struggle with multiple complexities that can lay them waste and leave them depressed. They were able to find happiness in little drops of joy.

Mr. Dittia encouraged everyone in the audience to look back into their lives and seek answers to everything that was bothering them. This encouraged all to see life from a new perspective. He spoke about the circle of life which consists of Circle of Concern & Circle of Influence. He narrated a Japanese story of Student and Master. He emphasized that no individual got what he deserved before time and life gives all what they deserve and not always what they desire.

Moral- Success invites arrogance and attitude, if not handled properly we will lose it. He encouraged all to be successful & vigilant, to explore their passions and interest, and to lead a life with feelings of satisfaction & achievements and devoid of arrogance. He also spoke about keeping a focused approach that needs to be adopted while selection of degree, job or friends. At the end, he summarized the steps for stress and time management as follows:
  • Spend time in planning and organizing
  • Set goals
  • Prioritize
  • Use a to do list
  • Be flexible
  • Convert your biological prime time
  • Do the right thing right.
  • Practice the art to intelligent ignorance
  • Avoiding to be a perfectionist.
  • Conquer procrastination.
  • Learn to say No.
  • Reward yourself.
Students felt extremely rejuvenated and refreshed after this session.

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