Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Event Management: Industry Visit to International Bus & Utility Vehicle Show 2013

INLEAD conducted an Industry visit for Event Management and Public Relations July 2012 & Event Management Jan 2013 Batch. The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) organized the third International Bus & Utility Vehicles Show between 15th and 18th of February. The expo took place at the Greater Noida Expo Mart focusing on SUVs, buses and other utility vehicles.

It was an in-depth learning about organizing an exhibition. The students had had an opportunity to witness diverse types of production platforms, new technology based lighting, audio & sound systems. It also helped them to learn crowd management, parking & security arrangements for corporate events. It was a Special Exhibition offering a learning experience for students with events and activities organized to ensure visitors can glean as much information and inspiration as possible. It was a platform where in students got an overview of visual merchandising, kiosks, displays through hoardings, and sponsorship activities for an event. It also showcased various ideas about peculiar flooring for displays in automobile industry. Students had a clear sighted observation from registration counters to exit check systems.

According to students it helped them in understanding the execution of corporate events and exhibitions, about different types of LED’s, audio & video, lighting, platforms etc. and enriching their knowledge base about exhibitions which are done on a large scale. Overall, it was an over-whelming experience of corporate event & exhibition for the students which inherited them with knowledge of 3D environments, stand designs, exhibition displays based on ‘design and build’, creativity, innovation, fabrication, carpeting, hanger designing, branding, lights, signage, floor plan designing, exhibition badges etc.

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