Thursday, July 18, 2013

Corporate Expectations by Mr. Saurabh Kaushik, General Manager (HR), Kingdom of Dreams

INLEAD facilitated a workshop for July’13 batch students on Corporate Expectations. The workshop was delivered by Mr. Saurabh Kaushik, General Manager (HR), Kingdom of Dreams & Galaxy Hotel, Gurgaon.

The lecture started with an explanation of the definition of a Corporate. The students were made familiar with the fact that every candidate is different and unique. The emphasis was placed on “being yourself’. Also, discussion was on the fact that how success depends upon knowing our own expectations from ourselves.

Mr. Kaushik highlighted the concept of demand & supply in case of employment and the expectations of an employer. How the three aspects of corporate expectations affect what a corporate demands from the candidate. The aspects included Communication Skills and English Language playing a vital role in communicating with the current set of customers of the service industry.

Also, discussion was held on how professional skills like technical knowledge affect the chances of being hired. He also mentioned the core employability skills like Integrity, will to learn, teamwork and networking.

To conclude, the lecture gave a holistic overview of what the industry expects from a potential candidate exemplifying each element.

According to Ms Palak Bathla, Event Management & PR: “The session was good and interesting. It gave us a fresh outlook towards the expectations in the corporate world. Would like to have more of such sessions.”

According to Ms. Mansha Dua Healthcare Administration: “It was a very good experience. Even though Mr. Kaushik had immense knowledge, he did not get too technical. For someone who did not have prior work experience, it was not difficult to understand the session. I look forward to more of such sessions.”

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