Monday, July 8, 2013

Expert Session on Personal Transformation & Stress Management (Ms Ekta Chaudhary - Femina Miss India Universe, 2009)

INLEAD facilitated an Industry Expert Session on Personal Transformation and Stress Management for April 2013 Batch students on 5th July. The session was conducted by Ms. Ekta Chowdhury, Former Femina Miss India – Universe.
The session began with Ms. Chowdhury asking a simple question to the students, “What do you want in life?” Varied responses were received by the students as they stated that they would like to have power, money, fame, etc. The session then took a turn when Ms. Chowdhury threw light on the fact some of the desires that the students specified were the main reasons for stress.

Since the session was purely based on experience, she had the students take off their shoes and loosen their ties so as to create a relaxed environment. She had all the students lay on the floor so as to experience their breathing and be in touch with their mind and inner self.

Short discussions ensued regarding stress and its consequences. These discussions were always followed by a meditation session of ten minutes. During the meditation session, she stressed on the facts that one needs to be focused in order to gain mental peace and relaxation.

She discussed that one need not escape stress but instead should face the stressful situations. A very good point discussed by Ms. Chowdhury was to change one’s perception towards stress and she broke the myth that stress always has to be perceived in a negative approach. Instead, she stated the fact that stress can also be positive and this can help one perform better. Overall, the session was educative and different from the usual classes and sessions that the students have attended.

  • According to Ms Tania Gupta International Hotel Management April’13: The session was very impressive. We learnt techniques which would relieve us from stress. The meditations and stress relieving activities that were conducted made me realize that it’s not very difficult to relax. Her way of talking and her voice modulation made the session very pleasing.  We would like to have more sessions like these.” 
  • According to Mr. Shashwat Mishra International Hotel Management April’13: Ms. Chowdhury enlightened us with various techniques like meditation which are to be utilized for overcoming stress. The topics were better understood by the activities that were conducted wherein all the students were asked to channelize their energy and were to concentrate on their breathing. Look forward to more of these sessions

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