Monday, February 29, 2016

Holistic Life Skills Workshop

The workshop on Holistic Life Skills by Mr. Mehernosh Bazyn Dittia, Founder & Director, Lighthouse Training, was one of a kind. The workshop introduced the students to a whole new approach on how to be the ultimate stable individual and live a life full of happiness and no regrets.

Mr. Dittia started off with the interaction with a spiritual curve where he shared a story of a Sensei who is trying to tell his student to let go off Arrogance, Anger, Domination, Jealousy and Greed in order to prepare yourself for learning. He alluded that the key to success is to become a seeker throughout your life and always be open to learning. He very particularly mentioned the difference between reaction and response. He also highlighted the importance of awareness in life and how one has to constantly remain aware of the emotions flowing through the mind and not get affected by the mishaps that one may encounter in day to day life and deal with a situation without being impulsive. He further discussed about a technique of creating two circles one of Concern and the other one of influence and deal with a situation on the basis of logic and evidence.

Mr. Dittia also spoke at length about the busy work life schedule these days, because of which we often forget the basics of life. Every human being is in charge of their own lives, actions and thoughts. We get carried away and let the world’s harsh words affect us; it’s we who set our mood and it’s we who decide to get affected by the negativity around us. It was a very insightful session about the basics of life.

Mr. Mehernosh Bazyn Dittia concluded the session by saying, “There is no escape in life and always make the correct choices.” 

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