Monday, January 16, 2017

An inspiration called “New Year”

It’s half a month almost into the New Year 2017. And how new do we feel? How hopeful are we still for the remaining 11 months? Questions that rattle our soul and leave us searching for answers... Answers that beguile us and render us helpless, without solutions... Events and turn of events mark days as they go by; some good, some bleak.

And yet it is the New Year that always leaves all with a ray of hope in our hearts, music in our minds and song on our lips which inspire us and motivate us to march on ahead to the beats of time! It’s been a couple of weeks and so much seems to have happened.

A demonetization programme that left the nation baffled and struggling for currency towards the end of 2016, yet was heralded as a breakthrough performance of the current government. As we have turned the corner into Avenue 2017, we see the same supporters have become converts and speak a different language now, of hatred and of despair. Let time tell us what’s right and what’s wrong.

The New Year began with a shootout at Berlin, a bomb blast in Kabul, an air strike in Allepo, Syria, the awful Taharrush type incident in Bangalore. As we have moved into the 3rd week of 2017, whistleblowers from our Armed forces have used the power of social media to highlight the depraved conditions of their brigade. All of these are shameful incidents and they leave us infuriated and annoyed with the mishappenings!

What we need are injectors of happiness and joy; of singing and dancing like in La La La Land; of Speeches like that of Meryl Streep while accepting her Golden Globe Lifetime Achievement award. They work as balms to our hurting souls and inspire to look ahead to better days and smiles always.
At least it’s snowed in Shimla and Mussorie and Nainital, giving us a lovely white New Year in our city!

Let’s hope and pray for a year that’s delightful with promises and lifts our spirits and leaves us with giddy happiness and rushes of pleasure.

Happy new Year Everyone!

Ms. Monica Mor,
Sr. Faculty, INLEAD

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