Monday, February 27, 2017

The Unknown, The Unfamiliar!

The most important thing in my life is the relationship I have with myself and with my parents and friends. This is because no matter what happens, I will always be myself in my zone.  

There is nothing that can bring me closer to building an image for myself than me, and the fact that I want to know what my position in the society is. In a quest to find myself, I decided to move away from home and now hope to start an independent life.  Away from home, which is in faraway Vishakapatnam, I now have the freedom and the right to discover I, me & myself. I aspire to move abroad soon and enjoy the wind beneath my wings.

Living in another country will be an eye opener  for me. Because, the place is far removed from where I am originally from, I can observe things from an outsider’s perspective. I will be able to see things from the outside, and I’m pretty sure it will force me to re-think about my culture from a new point of view.

This introspection often makes me re-think about who I am as a person and I often start questioning my  original beliefs, attitudes and values which have inevitably influenced me in the past. I have questioned myself many times from all perspectives, and I know now I have a chance to reshape my personal and professional life. I will soon become Independent and everything will be new; everything will once again be unfamiliar and getting to know the unfamiliar environment which hopefully will soon become familiar all over again, should teach me to fight fear. Fear of THE UNFAMILIAR, THE UNKNOWN! Discovering the new streets alone, talking to new people, trying out new foods, or even befriending new people. I know myself and I am aware I am a little wary of everyone, I can never fathom the intentions of others and more often new streets look scary to me at night.

“Living overseas”, the thought is always at the back of my mind . How am I going to get to the hospital if I happened to get really sick? Who is going to help me if I had a problem with the housing situation? Who is going to be by my side if I get attacked on the street? It takes years to find true friends whom I feel can truly rely on and trust. It is a big responsibility. It is a sentimental thing.

I am by nature adaptable and open-minded.   From road rules, decisions to make in day-to-day life, dealing with people’s attitudes and irrational behaviors;  it will be like going back to school again where I would need to relearn social etiquettes, assess the education system, understand the healthcare system, the country’s history and cultural beliefs etc.

Yet, I believe I can and I will build a new identity.

I will be a new brand there, not a rebrand. People talk about falling in love as in falling in love with someone. But for me, I need to fall in love with another city. So hello new love, embrace me and I will love you till eternity!

Surya Teja,
Student, INLEAD 

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