Monday, February 6, 2017

My Internship Experience @Percept Limited

I was fortunate to have my first industry exposure in a company like Percept D’Mark, a division of PerceptLimited, one of India’s leading event companies. Founded in 1984, Percept Limited, an entertainment, media and communications company, is at an enviable leadership position today, with a team of over 700 people and 42 offices in India and the Middle East and a capitalized billings of INR 17.26 billion. Percept Limited has 13 Divisions, each division dedicated to a particular category of event. Percept Divisions & Companies deliver marketing solutions that reach consumers at every moment of their lives. From integrated advertising campaigns, to embedded content, to path-breaking live entertainment products, to innovative digital and media solutions; Percept companies construct tailor-made solutions that deliver in both local and global markets. 

Broadly, an event company has five departments i.e. Business development and Client servicing, Creative, Operation, Accounts and Administration. I was a part of the business development and client servicing team. This department is responsible for creating and acquiring new business opportunities and building a good relationship with the clients. It is the most important department; if this department is not able to bring in business the other departments wont have any work to do.

My key responsibility areas were doing cold callings to prospective clients and to fix a meeting with them and get briefs, going with my seniors for client brief meetings, brainstorming ideas and making presentations. At first, doing cold callings to clients seemed like a huge task but with the help of my seniors I was able to do the same quite successfully. Doing this not only improved my communication skills but also made me confident. I was a part of five events that were executed by the company during the time of my internship – Jeep Camp event, H&M Insta share event, Sunburn, Madame Tussuads Delhi launch event and Jaguar-Land Rover dealership and customer event.

This internship has not only given me an insight about the industry but has also helped me grow personally. It has taught me how to work under pressure with deadlines and in a professional office environment. Even though Percept is such a huge organisations, my mentors were more like friends who always guided and supported me. All the departments used to work in sync and eat and share food at lunchtime like a big family everyday keeping aside the professional tussles.

In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that by working in the Industry I have learned how to deal with problems which were not accounted for and make the event a success. This cannot be learned by only reading or studying about them. It was a wonderful experience working with Percept.

Anjali Bajaj
       Student, INLEAD

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