Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lead Activity - Save Balloons

In INLEAD Leadership, Education and Abilities Development or LEAD certification is awarded to students to bridge the gap between campus life and corporate life. This certification basically helps a student to build up on current personality, communication skills, grooming standards and developing the right attitude towards leading and working in a team.
Under this certification several activities are held at regular intervals. One of the recently held activities was “Lead Activity – Save Balloons “. This activity is full of energy and enthusiasm which helps the participants to focus on collaboration and team work. It also highlighted the importance of communication and planning while performing the given task.
 The group was divided into two teams. The first task was that each and every team member has to blow up two balloons and strap it on their ankles. Then the team leaders would place their members strategically, according to the competencies of the opponent team. The second task was that each member from the two teams would come in the centre and try to deflate the balloons of their opponent. When all the participants had done this once then team leader would decide their top five members and then each member would go in the middle and follow the same process. In the end the team left with higher number of balloons  would win the activity.

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