Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Your Attitude determines Your Altitude

Life is a combination of highs and lows…mountains and valleys. Sometimes times are good and many times they are tough. But with the right kind of attitude you can achieve personal and professional success. 

Attitude is the way you take things . Your thoughts about what happens to you determine how situations and events will affect you. Having an optimistic and a positive attitude helps one in facing challenging and tough situations with élan and grace.

Some pointers for Optimism:

1. Win-Win Mindset: You need to relook at relationships. You need to realize that you need to give and contribute to get and achieve. Both parties should gain and grow. Having  a mutually beneficial mindset helps in cooperation and mutually beneficial success and enhanced performance.

2. Self-Driven:  You need to be self-driven and motivated. Read inspirational literature. Listen to great speeches and speakers. Keep a positivity journal. Think positive thoughts and research the net for positive thoughts by great personalities.

3. Passion & Devotion: Nothing great has ever been achieved without passion and devotion. You have to think, dream, breathe your goal. You need to take initiative and be proactive. You need to be self-driven and resourceful.

4. Learning and Growing-Maturity: Be an eternal Student. Seize opportunities to learn and grow. Educate yourself in multidimensional subjects .Be aware and alert and keep your knowledge base updated. The more aware you become the more you become.

You need to see the glass as half full. Every adversity has an opportunity. Seize that opportunity and do the best you can, give it your best shot. The only thing which you stand to lose is your ignorance.

Mr. Siddharth Anand
Faculty, INLEAD

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