Monday, September 7, 2015

A Teacher's ode on Teachers’ Day

Teacher is not the one who “Teaches” but the one who helps you “Learn”

I strongly believe in learning from what I Teach! If I haven’t had one learning from each lecture I have delivered I have wasted the efforts I’ve put in to formulating those ideas together. It’s really important for any teacher to first understand himself what he is about to teach others or in other words, what he is helping others to understand. If you can’t understand what are the Poisson Process, Lambda and Mue and their significance in the queuing theory created by Agner Krarup Erlang, how you will ever explain a student that behind all these scary jargons is a simple concept of reducing the wait time for your customers standing in the Queue. It is essential for a teacher to imagine how difficult or easy it is to grasp a concept for a person who is coming across it for the first time. The “Mul Mantra” is to assume that your entire audience is hearing about the topic of your elaboration for the very first time and is a complete alien to each terminology mentioned. Then try explaining it with the simplest of details and following an exhaustive approach. This way you might sound repetitive to a certain scholarly set of your listeners but you surely would take care of minimizing all “OTHT-Over the head transmissions” and keeping your sleeping beauties awake and alert!

Over a period of time, I’ve developed this unsurpassed passion towards helping people learn and understand concepts that are new to them. I will be embarrassingly honest to admit that till a few years back, the significance of the birthdate of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan was limited to either having no classes when I was a student or to having no classes when I was a novice teacher. It was just like a regular fun day for me. It’s surely  the same now also but what has changed is the respect that I have now for all the teachers, for those trainers and for all those mentors who guide people, who direct people all across the world, the ones I know, my teachers, my guides, my colleagues, most importantly my students and the ones who aren’t a part of my awareness set. This is to extend my wishes and gratitude to all and wishing everyone a Very happy teachers' 

-Ms. Ginny Kaushal
 Faculty, INLEAD 

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