Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Marketing Hackathon by ClickMyDay

The current startup culture in India needs a lot of support from Angel investors, Digital agencies and the media to be able to create a mark. Funding is very limited but opportunities are galore. In light of this, a startup ClickMyDay organized a Marketing Hackathon to share information and tactics with wannabe startups.

The event began with a session taken by Adobe’s Marketing Cloud Division Head, who spoke at length about the importance of Digital Analytics. He explained the various technical terms like impressions, bounce rate, clicks, etc and the importance of each of those to understand success of Apps &/or websites.

This was followed by an Angel Investor who focused on the importance of capital adequacy and financials of any business model. This was the first step towards getting funding.

Soon after OLA’s Marketing Manager spoke about the tactics that helped OLA to be the largest cab service provider in India and the huge number of downloads of their apps across different smartphone devices.
The session winded up with an ideation session where the various entrepreneurs came together to ideate and plan around their business models.

What made this event an even more special outing for INLEAD and INLEADers was that, Ms. Janvee Garg, one of the co-founders of ClickMyDay, is a former INLEADer, and seeing her achieve such massive success in the entrepreneurial world was a real inspiration for all the current INLEADers.

Jaya Anand, INBM Apr’15 MBA: “The event gave us an opportunity to interact with many startup entrepreneurs who were participating in the event.”

Jeevan Thakur, INBM Apr’16 PGDM: “I learnt lot about digital analytics from the speaker from Adobe and the various marketing strategies followed by OLA .”

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