Thursday, June 2, 2016

Legal Aspects of Multi-National Corporations- Industry Expert Session

Mr. Pranav Mahajan - India Legal Manager, BBC Global News India Pvt. Ltd, recently graced the INLEAD Campus to give INLEADers useful insights on the various Legal Aspects of Multi-National Corporations.

The session started with Mr. Mahajan speaking about the many legal stipulations in our country and the loop holes that make some of those ineffective. He shared some anecdotes from his personal experience as well as the issues that he faced while working across different organisations.

Mr. Mahajan then progressed towards giving a complete lowdown of the various acts governing an organization such as Companies Act, 2013; Labour law (EPF, gratuity,  minimum wages act, contract labour) Act. He also elaborated on the Intellectual Property laws and laws governing trademark, copyrights and patents. He gave students a flavour of the Indian constitution and revealed a startling fact that currently India has approximately 5000 central laws. Till date, around 3 crore cases are pending in Lower courts and 45 lakhs in High courts. He also gave real-life examples of the cases involving fraudulent practices like those in Satyam, Sahara etc. Another interesting fact he mentioned was the fact that out of every 400 working women, 70 women face some kind of sexual harassment from their peers or superiors in workplace and for that he Indian constitution has made it mandatory to have a harassment committee in all organizations. About this, he cited examples from the Tarun Tejpal case. 

All in all he spoke in great length across a diverse range of legal topics that kept the audience quite engrossed and made his session an insightful treat for everyone present.

Sahil Sangwan, October 2015, INBM: “The session was a unique one where we got to know a little more about the legalities that govern our business.

Ashish Kumar, October 2015, INBM: “I especially liked the bit on Intellectual property right. We didn’t know a lot of things that he shared with us.”

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