Monday, June 12, 2017

Food Trends

People earlier people had reservation in leaving their native country to settle down in a different place, while, the fear was about cultural diversity, one of the main concerns was also about food…habits, taste, diet restrictions and beliefs. Well, globalization to a large extent took care of that aspect.

A vegetarian today can find comfort in USA, as how a Korean can find his food in India. Of course exceptions are there, the Chinese food that we eat in India is exclusively available here, even Chinese do not have in China. People now are becoming Vegans, now that’s a new trend that we are talking about. Restaurants are finding ways to feed their guest beet green, seaweed and kale which is one of the most popular greens. Vegetarian comfort foods are on the rise with vegetable alternatives to pizza and pasta. Restaurants are turning experimental with replacing traditional plate set-ups with bowls and butcher to table. Insta food is a rage which is mostly dominated by the millennials. 

Here are few other trends that are gaining popularity around the world:

• Vegetarianism continues to be celebrated as a choice rather than a compulsion.

• Animal proteins and rich accompaniments will make way for vegetables. It was also mentioned in a survey done by Pintrest that the most searched word was veggies as compared to lasagna or pizza. The chances of vegetarian being the comfort food is more possible in the months to come. People now are opting for vegetable crust as compared to the original and are replacing pasta and rice with mashed cauliflower

• Another trend that’s becoming a fad is contrary to the previous trend mentioned is that of peoples love for “butcher – to – table”, mostly served in fine dine restaurants where the guest can be a witness to the entire preparation whether it’s a grill or a rare done steak to charcuterie.

• Breakfast gets a makeover at few hotels where the traditional breakfast gets replaced by more aggressive and crunchier items like fried chicken, stuffed Indian breads, spiced sandwiches and chimichurri. Popularly they are referred to as BRUNCHFAST.

• Greens…greens and more greens. Spinach and Kale was considered to be the powerhouse in this category. Chefs are considering alternatives to this, it’s now being replaced with equally healthy alternatives’ like beet greens, turnip greens, mustard greens and carrot tops. 

• Zero waste is what any food serving establishments focusses on. Restaurants are aiming to drastically reduce the waste.

• Food apps continue to dominate, where it gives options to users where to eat and what to eat.

• Indian grains will get a lot of mention on the food menu across restaurants and also kitchens would stress on un processed and preservative free food.

Ms. Bindu Menon
Sr. Faculty, INLEAD 

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