Monday, June 19, 2017

What Is Professionalism?

Someone brilliantly put it “When in Rome, do as the Romans Do”. This old and wise saying is as relevant in today’s corporate world as ever. When you are working in the corporate world you need to look the part. You are representing the company and the company’s image depends on your behavior and demeanor.

It is a great responsibility to represent a company and you need to ensure that you do your best and look the best too.

Professionalism includes:

1. Looking the Part:

A well ironed white shirt with a red tie and a black suit just fits the bill. Be sure that your clothes are well ironed and fit you well. Wearing a tie is not compulsory but adds to your demeanor and enhances your brand image. Shoes should be polished and should be black or brown. Hair should be neat and it important to be clean shaved. Over all you should appear to be pleasing to the eyes.

2. Maintaining Protocol: 

You should be careful not to cross boundaries or overstep authority. If you do this you might seem to be over ambitious and rebellious, both of which are tags you would rather not have. Give respect and you will get respect. Always follow the right protocol when suggesting improvements or escalating issues. This will earn you respect and the comrade of your co-workers and seniors

3. Character & Integrity:

 Some believe that Character is passé ,but is as far from truth as you can get. Character is critical to success. Virtues like Honesty, Sincerity and loyalty are still greatly valued. You also need to work on your image making the right moves at the right time at the same time not compromising on integrity.

4. Competence:

You should be a Smart Worker rather than being a hard worker. Because we are short on time trying to burn the candle from both ends, so to make the best of one’s time and efforts it is important to be efficient and effective.

Siddharth Anand
Faculty, INLEAD

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