Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Everything Is Just A Thought

Come to think of it…everything that you experience is just a though and an emotion. Happiness is a thought…misery is a thought…enthusiasm is a thought…depression is a thought.

Victor Frankel was a German psychologist who was captured and tortured in Nazi concentration camps of Hitler’s Germany. He was awarded solitary confinement and was locked in a dark empty rooms with no outlets. While he was going through this torture he realized the fundamental of all freedoms….the freedom to choose your thoughts and emotions…..so he started thinking happy thoughts and proved that no matter what the situations you can still have happiness and joy…so you can become happy when you want and all thoughts are choices….you choose your thoughts and this is a great truth…perhaps the greatest truth.

 So to take control of your thoughts you have to realize:

1. You have the freedom to choose:

Just as Victor Frankel realized that he had the freedom to be happy even in the midst of all the torture by thinking happy thoughts…you can also start to exercise these freedom by taking control of your thoughts and creating a space between stimuli and response.

2. You create your Destiny

Your Thoughts and Actions create your character and your character and habits create your destiny. The trick is to make a habit of thinking positive happy and motivational thoughts so that you are happy and successful wherever you are.

3. Detachment & Awakening

You need to detach yourself from the wrong habits that you have formed over the years. You need to stay aloof and observe without involvement. The more you observe the more you detach from your thoughts and emotions and you can control and use them to be happy and successful. 

Siddharth Anand
Faculty, INLEAD

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