Thursday, March 13, 2014

Technology, Demographic Challenges, Cost of Care and Consumer Expectations are the Biggest Challenge in the Healthcare Sector says Dr.Kawaljeet Singh – Facility Director, Fortis

As you know by now, INLEAD recently had organized a Colloquium which was titled “Healthcare Administrator- the New Age Influencer” on the 7th of March’14.
To begin with, join me in thanking Dr.Kawaljeet Singh for gracing the colloquium’14 at INLEAD.

: Challenges and Roadblocks in Healthcare Administration

He began the discussion by throwing light upon the ‘Indian  Healthcare Scenario’ where he mentioned that the bed density is 0.7 beds per 1000 population and it needs to meet the target of 3.5 beds per 1000 population. (WHO Recommendation)

Coming to challenges he broadly emphasized on technology, demographic challenges, and cost of care and consumer expectations. Let’s know more about each


-Pace of innovation
-New surgeons, diagnostics
-Monitor & slow program
-Usually more expensive treatment for diseases which were earlier fatal

Demographic Challenge:

-Increased life expectancy
-Complex chronic health conditions
-More elderly patients

Cost of Care:

-Equipment attracts talent
-Nursing woes
-Healthcare administrators
-Demand for Doctors

Consumer Expectation:
Patients are no more passive
- They need to be involved, consulted and informed
- The patients have the right to be partners in the decision making process
- The patients are expected expects to get better with whatever treatment he is undergoing.  

The talk was highly informative, towards the end of his talk he referred the patient as a ‘Walking Wikipedia’ which meant that the patient can now argue with data. Doctor is no longer an unquestionable God.

Keep watching this space for more of such updates!

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