Monday, March 24, 2014

Want to get employed? Do a PG!

You do spend time & energy in arguments or discussions with parents to buy a new phone or a fancy handset which is classy and more importantly ‘upgraded’ to the latest technology, and then why not spend time and energy in ‘upgrading’ yourself for career?

It’s time for graduates to upgrade themselves and get skills for them to become employable. Doing a post-graduation is not just about getting a master’s degree rather it is like doing an internship of two years before actually getting into employment.

And this ‘upgrade’ needs to happen at the right time at the right place.

An ideal post graduate student should have a command over his chosen domain like international business management, healthcare administration, Event Management& Public Relations, infrastructure management and international hotel management. This can be acquired through rigorous academic activity like case study, workshops, seminars, role plays, simulations, industry visits, internships, etc. For instance at INLEAD we do focus on all these aspects of academic activity. Students pursuing Healthcare Administration are taken to Fortis and Max Hospitals to have hands on practical experience rather than just knowledge what he/ she anyway learns from the books. Likewise, we also do have expert guest lectures wherein experts from the industry come to our campus and share their experiences with the students etc.

How a PG student benefit?

1)    High Salary Package
2)    Excellent Job Profile
3)    Excellent opportunity for career growth
4)    Better work-life balance
5)    Better opportunity in case of switching jobs

A post-graduation is important but also equally important is from where you do your post-graduation and in what field! Course like Infrastructure Management, International Business Management are upcoming and there is a great demand for students who have pursued such courses.

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