Friday, March 21, 2014

Disaster Management, as part of the Curriculum at INLEAD

Disasters in some form or the other have been regularly visiting humankind and humans have been trying to handle these upheavals. The world is becoming increasingly vulnerable to natural disasters

The United Nations declared 1990-1999 as International Decade for Disaster Reduction. The Indian Government passed the Disaster Management Act 2005. As a consequence of the Act, the National Disaster Management Authority was setup. All states were given the guide lines for disaster risk reduction. The objective of this article is to get a clearer picture of how INLEAD as in institute helps students in workshops in Disaster Management and Fire Safety.

Integrating Disaster Management in the curricula at INLEAD helps educating the youth and who can address this problem with their knowledge, self-confidence, and survival skills.
Disaster Management provides knowledge on how to deal with all aspects of disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and rehabilitation.

Knowledge management and education can help communities in hazard-prone areas to gain a better grasp of the ways to cope with risks. Disasters can occur at any time and it is the magnitude of the related impacts that will reflect the level of preparedness and “education” in the relative field.

The main emphasis of disaster management has been on:

  • Awareness and sensitization of students and teachers on various hazards
  • Preventive and precautionary measures on various hazards.
It is said that accidents do not happen but they are caused. Advance planning, effective implementation strategies, co-ordination and co-operation with agencies working in this area are important for ensuring safety in universities.

In addition to this, we also have expert workshops specially organized for our students which exclusively focus on ‘Disaster Management’ & ‘Fire Safety’.

Check out few pictures of the workshops on 'Disaster Management' & 'Fire Safety' which were held at INLEAD in the recent past...

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