Monday, March 31, 2014

Top 5 Job Skills Your Employer Wants!

1. Quality NOT Quantity: You may be employed in a 9-5 job. Instead of focusing on the number of hours you put in to complete a task your prime focus should be on the quality of the task performed by you. Lay emphasis on the quality of your work rather than the hours you put in to complete the work.

Upgrade and Update: You have to upgrade your knowledge & skills from time to time if you want to sustain yourself in the job. You as an employee should regularly update yourself of the latest information. Never arise in a situation in which your client is more knowledgeable than you. It is often said that the more you learn the more you earn.  

3. Time management: Time management is all about completing your work on or before the given timelines. If you meet the mentioned work deadlines, your boss wouldn’t care when you take lunch or when you leave your office.  

4. Communication skills: You as an employee should have a good command over English. This is important as you will never be confused of what was asked and what you deliver.

5. Team Player: You might be excellent in your job and you might also have the right skill set, but when asked to perform a task in a group you might not be a good team player. When it comes to working in a corporate you have to work in a team to achieve big targets or complete projects or assignment. Know how to overcome team politics also at the same time contribute as much as you can, this will give you an edge over others while working in a team.

These are 5 most important traits an employer looks for in an employee. If you want to add more, kindly do so in the comment section below.

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