Saturday, August 8, 2015

Have you chosen the right venue for your event?

Once the basic details like date, theme and budget are locked in, the next big question that an event manager has to seek an answer for, is selecting an appropriate venue for the big event. In most of the situations, this crucial process of selecting the right venue is the sole responsibility of the event manager.  

The venue of an event is like a glue that will hold your whole event together. To put it simply, you might have an amazing event planned but all that hard work is of no use if the venue of the event is hard to reach to or inaccessible to many. Thus, for an ideal venue, there are a few essential factors that an event planner should consider without breaking the bank. They are as follows:

Location: It is the most important factor in selecting an appropriate event space. An event planner should be convinced that the venue location is accessible to the attendees; both by public and private transport and has an ample space for parking. In addition to this, since most of the events also involve the participation of celebrities, artists nowadays, one should make sure that a decent hotel is a stone throw away from the venue where the stars can be accommodated before or after the event depending on their travel itinerary. For example, Talkatora Indoor Stadium in Delhi is considered an ideal venue for various cultural events. 

Size: The chosen banquet/ball room should have an appropriate seating or standing capacity depending upon the scale of the event. An event planner should make sure that the place is well ventilated and the audience doesn’t feel suffocated even when the venue is jam-packed. This kind of scene is usually witnessed during college fests taking place in College campuses.  

Amenities: An event planner should be satisfied that all the facilities needed for the event like audio-visual, Wi-Fi, registration and information desks, business center etc. are in place at the venue and are well maintained and functional. For Example, during a conference/seminar, one should make sure that all the electric equipments required for the event like projector, laptop, mics etc. are in place as, if any of the above mentioned things doesn’t function properly, the event will prove to be a complete failure.

Price: The net worth of the venue should be taken into consideration. The important thing that an event planner should keep in mind is not to overspend on the venue as it can affect the entire budget of the event. One should be able to gather the costs of all expense items like venue costs, equipment costs, catering services, decoration costs etc. in order to give the best option for the event.

Food & Beverage: It is another important factor to be kept in consideration while finalizing the venue of an event. Catering can be either in house or some venues even provide you with a preferred list of vendors. Various services like kitchen operations, hygiene, methods of preparation, chef etc. should be considered while choosing a particular venue. Always remember, bad food can spoil the sweet taste of a good event.

Site Visit: It’s always recommended to visit the venue once before the event and check out all the facilities for yourself. Until and unless you’re completely satisfied with what they have to offer, don’t sign any agreements with them. An event planner should consider condition of the infrastructure, d├ęcor, lighting, restroom, medical access, safety and security, room layout etc. before finalizing a particular venue. Remember Shahid Kapoor’s great tumble during the opening Ceremony of IPL 2015?

By carefully weighing all of these factors, an event planner can pick the venue that’s perfect for all those who are attending the event. Whether you’re choosing a professional event venue or a wedding venue, these factors will ease the decision-making process and ensure everyone has the best day (or night) they could possibly have. So, take your time and choose carefully.

-Parul Sardana
 Faculty, INLEAD 

Images Courtesy- Google Images

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